Applying the Ethnography of Communication and Speech Codes Theory to online environments

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If you study online learning¬†environments, use Hymes’ Ethnography of Communication or Philipsen’s Speech Codes Theory, or if you are learning about online ethnography, then you might be interested in a book chapter of mine that has just been published by IGI Global, titled “Speech Codes Theory as a Framework for Analyzing Communication in Online Educational Settings.” ¬†Here’s the abstract:

Knowing how best to assess and evaluate the communication that takes place in online educational settings can be a challenge, especially when the features of educational platforms continue to develop in their complexity. This chapter will discuss Speech Codes Theory, which is grounded in the Ethnography of Communication, as a theoretical and methodological framework for conducting qualitative, interpretive research. It will show how Speech Codes Theory can potentially be used to analyze and understand communication in a range of online educational settings.

The chapter can be purchased through the IGI Global website.

I’m always interested in reading more on how the Ethnography of Communication and/or Speech Codes Theory get applied to online settings, so if you have any articles, books, or other resources to recommend, do let me know.

One Comment on “Applying the Ethnography of Communication and Speech Codes Theory to online environments”

  1. 1 kemot said at 1:11 am on November 3rd, 2011:

    I think that ethnography of communication can be applied for analysing any internet environment. It gives great tools for describing computer-mediated interactions. As the main focus of ethnography of communication is on language, social and cultural factors I suggest culture in this context should be understood as the technology which determines the use of language.