More tools for recording phone interviews

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I stand by my earlier review of using a combination of Skype + AudioHijack Pro for recording phone interviews.  If, however, you’re looking for alternate solutions, here are a couple that have recently been discussed on listservs like medianthro and anthrodesign.  I have not used any of these solutions myself.  If anyone out there has comments and/or feedback on them, please share.

Hardware Solutions

These devices get plugged into phone jacks and/or telephones:

Mini Recorder Control

THAT-1 Telephone Handset Audio Tap

Software Plug-In Solutions

I’ve mentioned Call Graph previously when discussing transcription services.  Call Graph offers a free software plug-in that you can use to digitally record Skype conversations.   The free version has ads on it, but there’s also the option to pay for a premier version that has no ads.  I imagine that Call Graph’s main motivation in offering this tool is to entice you to send your transcription work to them. You can see a tutorial on their plug-in here.

My software of choice is still AudioHijack Pro.

Platforms is a subscription-based platform that supports conference calls.  As part of the service you can have the calls recorded and archived (for a limited time) through the platform.

Google Voice is a relatively new (and mostly free) service, and it seems that it supports recording at any point during a call.  The only limitation is that you may only record calls that you receive, not calls that you initiate.  More information here.

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